Automatic Glassware Washer(Medical Washing Disinfector)

Automatic medical washing disinfector provides standard and automatic cleaning and disinfection for
most of medical equipments , so as to eliminate the possibility of infection in cleaning and disinfecting .




*Two toughened glass doors , prevent cross infection .
*Color LCD touch screen , advanced programmable control system with six standard programs .
*High efficient cleaning system , with rotary nozzles in top ,bottom and among the shelves to make sure
that the spray liquid can contact the surface of devices completely .
*High efficient drying system with HEPA filter , can clean and dry the inner of tubular things .
*Thermal disinfection , water heating system can make sure the water temperature keep above 93°C to
reach the international disinfecting efficiency level .
Standard Washing Procedure (can be self-designed by the user)
Pre-cleaning→Clean with enzymes →Rinse→Thermal disinfection→Glazing clean→Drying