C3060 – C3061

With 8 multi-parameter measurement channels and 2 temperature channels the C3060/C3061 can perform 8 different measurements at the same time. Each channel has it’s own measurement hardware. All values can be shown simultaneously on the display. C3061 variation has an Ethernet connection instead of USB.

All 8 gold plated BNC connectors each accepts different electrodes of which 2 connectors also accept conductivity electrodes. There is no interference between the channels when measuring pH/ORP/Ion and conductivity in the same solution.

Besides the pre-programmed pH buffers and EC standards, you can also add your own buffer and standard tables. Not just a certain value at a certain temperature but the complete temperature related table of your specific buffer. Add up to 5 pH buffers and 3 EC standards of your own choice and use them as if they are built-in.

Two temperature inputs are independent from measurement channels. ATC for each channel can be selected from any of the temperature inputs.

The device can be connected to a PC and completely controlled via either USB/RS232 or Ethernet/RS232. Both software and communication protocol can be downloaded from our website.



Multichannel up to 8 measurements can be performed at the same time and simultaneously or individually shown on the display. Each channel can measure 2 times per second.

No interference between pH/ORP/Ion and conductivity electrodes in the same solution

Custom calibration tables allows the user to add complete buffer/standard-temperature relation tables. With this feature the built-in tables can be extended with your own tables. Tables can be entered via a device menu or uploaded from a PC.

Wide Display shows up to 8 channels (selectable) at the same time including temperature and date/time.

Stability indicator ensures visualisation when measurement has stabilised.

Stability algorithm ensures stable readings with ability to detect fast changes.

Hold function allows to freeze the display

Selectable resolution for more stable readings for mV and pH.

Range lock for conductivity measurements.

Capacitive compensation eliminates the capacitive component of the electrode and cable at conductivity measurements

Galvanic isolated USB interface eliminates ground loop effects when connected to a PC (C3060 only).

Ethernet connection allows remote access to the device via LAN or Internet (C3061 only).

GPL report can be shown on the display or sent to the digital port.

Pre-programmed standards
pH: 1.68, 2.00, 4.00, 4.01, 6.87, 6.99, 9.18, 9.21, 10.01, 12.00, 12.45 (at 25°C)
Conductivity: 1413 μS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 111.8 mS/cm (at 25°C)
Free software and firmware updates downloadable from www.consort.be