Ductless Demonstration Fume Hoods

  • Offers 360° visibility for full participation.
  • Protects the class from toxic fumes.
  • Available in four models to meet general applications.
  • Filters are easy to change.
  • Improved filter clamping prevents bypass leakage.
  • Low airflow alarm warns of unsafe conditions.
  • Compliant with ANSI, OSHA, AFNOR and BSI safety standards.
  • Portable unit with transparent front, back and side walls for maximum visibility. The EDU series offers personnel and environmental protection, optimal energy savings and zero toxic emissions to the room.
  • EDU-MOBILE, EDU-M-60 shown



A. Control Panel: Electronic controls and displays include switches for the blower and low airflow alarm.

B. Power Inlet: (right side, top)

C. Air Velometer: An analog air velocity meter in the field of vision of the user.

D. Gas Petcock: (optional)

E. Gooseneck Water Faucet: (optional)

F. Cup Sink: (optional) Integrated polypropylene cup sink.

G. Internal Diffuser

H. Integrated Centrifugal Fan Motor/Blower Assembly

I. Front Access: Multiplex™ filtration system, with filter clamp system.

J. Electrostatic Pre-Filter: The 99.5% effective electrostatic pre-filter is accessible from inside the chamber to contain the release of any particulates that it traps.

K. Internal Manual Speed Controller: Authorized personnel set the centrifugal fan motor speed as desired.

L. Internal Fluorescent Lamp

M. Duplex Electrical Outlet: (optional) Externally mounted.

N. Airflow Alarm: A continuous air velocity monitoring system alerts the operator upon unacceptable values.

O. Main Controls: Petcock and water faucet controls.

P. Cart Handle: Located on the left and right sides of the EDU-MOBILE and EDU-CLASSIC models.

Q. Filter I.D. Window: A strategically placed front cover window shows the installed filter part number and installation date for convenience and to encourage timely filter replacement.

R. Work Surface: The internal work surface is fitted with an optional polypropylene tray.

S. Pass Through Ports: Electrical cords and cables are safely routed into the cabinet through ports on the back and side walls.

T. Double-Hinged Self-Locking Front Sash: When closed, the cabinet sash protects the operator with 100 FPM airflow. The sash is easy to open and latch.


360 Degree Visibility: Clear back and side panels allow ambient illumination into the chamber and provide users with an unobstructed view of its contents.

Standards Compliant: Performance specifications and construction meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and relevant international standards to assure operator safety.

Construction: All models are available in either metal or polypropylene construction. See selection chart for specifications and dimensions.

Integrated Control Panel: Easy reference to critical information with built-in audible and visual alarms for low airflow and filter use elapsed time.

No Installation, No Ducting Required: Self-contained, integrated systems ideal for fixed location or mobile applications.

Safe, Energy-Efficient Operation: All conditioned air is safely returned to the room, minimizing impact on facility HVAC costs.