Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Autoclave

It can be widely used in department of stomatology
and ophthalmology, operating room and other medical
institutions. It is suitable for all wrapped or unwrapped solid
instrument, A-class cavity instrument (dental hand-pieces
and endoscopes), implantable instrument, dressing fabric
and rubber tubes, etc.



1. Built-in efficient steam generator, microcomputer temperature control.
2. Equipped with printer to print date, time and process parameters.
3. Prefect four-level authority management system to avoid mis-operation.
4. LCD displays temperature, pressure, time, running status, failure and warning code.
5. Sterilization programs for fabric, instrument, rubber, liquid, cavity, B&D test, PCD test and leakage test.
6. Intelligent drying system to guarantee the residual humidity of instrument and dressing no more than 0. 2% and 1% respectively.
7. Overheat auto protection device, dual door safety lock device, over pressure relief valve, short circuit protection, and overpressure protection