Purair Advanced Ductless Fume Hoods

  • High operator protection to fume and particle hazards.
  • Easy to change filters.
  • Improved clamping eliminates by-pass leakage.
  • Low airflow alarm.
  • Optional back up safety filter.
  • High capacity
  • Purair 20, shown with optional spill tray and Filter Saturation Alarm(FSA)


The Purair® Advanced Series ductless fume hoods are a series of high efficiency products designed
to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. At the heart of the Purair fume hood product line is the innovative Air Science Multiplex™ Filtration Technology that creates a safe work environment over the widest range of applications in the industry.

The Eco-friendly Choice
Advanced carbon filtration technology offers a safe, high performance alternative to conventional ducted fume hoods for a broad range of applications.

  • Environmental Benefits. Air Science ductless fume hoods isolate and trap chemical vapors to prevent ecological impact through release into the environment.
  • Versatile. Each filtration system is selected for its specific application. The Multiplex Filter broadens the range of applications. Carbon filters are available in more than 14 configurations for use with vapors of organic solvents, acids, mercury, formaldehyde. HEPA/ ULPA filters can be added for biological safety.
  • Easy to Install. The ductless fume hood is self-contained and does not require venting to the outside. Many units are portable and may be  moved from one location to the next with minimal downtime and without filter changes. Set-up, operation and filter maintenance are straightforward
  • Energy Efficient. Because filtered air is returned to the room, no demands are required of the facility HVAC capacity for make-up air.
  • Cost Effective. Facility ductwork, HVAC and construction costs are eliminated.
  • Safe to Use. Cabinet airflow and face velocity protect users from incidental exposures to fumes.
  • Self testing. (selected models) Electronic air flow monitoring assures continuous safety. An electronic gas sensor monitors carbon filter performance


  1. Filter I.D. Window: A strategically placed front cover window shows the installed filter part number and installation date for convenience and to encourage timely filter replacement.
  2. Air Velometer: An analog air velocity meter in the field of vision of the user provides independent backup to the electronic airflow alarm.
  3. Double Hinged Self Locking Front Sash: When closed, the cabinet sash protects the operator with 100 FPM airflow. The sash is easy to open and latch.
  4. Control Panel: Electronic controls and displays include switches for the blower and lights, an electronic hour
    counter and low airflow alarm, all located on a convenient front surface panel.
  5. teel Support Frame: The chemical resistant epoxy coated steel frame adds mechanical strength. Optional all polypropylene construction is available if desired. The pre-filter can be changed while the unit is operating to
    prevent operator exposure to chemical vapors.
  6. Electrostatic Pre-Filter: Protects the main filters from aerosols, mists, dust and particulates with filter efficiency superior to 95.5% down to 0.5 microns.
  7. Pass Through Ports: Electrical cords and cables are safely routed into the cabinet through ports on the back and side walls
  8. Air Sampling Port: A filtered air sampling port allows manual filter monitoring.
  9. Color: The cabinet is white; side and back panels are clear.
  10. Airflow Alarm: A continuous air velocity monitoring system alerts the operator upon unacceptable values.
  11. Internal Manual Speed Controller: Authorized
    personnel may set the centrifugal fan motor speed as desired.
  12. Dynamic Filtration Chamber: The dynamic filter chamber prevents any possible leakage of contaminated air by
    pressurizing the fan plenum (positive air) and depressuring the filter compartment (negative air).
  13. Stand: Optional mobile cart with locking casters.
  14. Safety Filter: The optional carbon or HEPA/ULPA safety filter adds an additional layer of protection.
  15. Work Surface: The internal work surface can be fitted with an optional polypropylene tray; see Accessories.
  16. Filter Door Key: Filter access keys prevent unauthorized removal or accidental exposure to dirty filters.
  17. Track & Wheel System: The filter glides in on a wheel and track system, then clamps tightly against the filter gasket to prevent filter tears and maintain filter integrity.

360 Degree Visibility: Clear back and side panels allow ambient illumination into the chamber and provide users with an unobstructed view of its contents.

Standards Compliant: Performance specifications and construction meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and relevant international standards to assure operator safety.

Construction: All models are available in either metal or polypropylene construction. See selection chart for specifications and dimensions. Specify metal or polypropylene when ordering. Available in 110V /60 Hz models.