VentBox Modular Filtration Cabinets

  • Low-profile, completely portable, no ductwork required.
  • Compact size, easily positioned on shallow safety cabinets.
  • Modular design permits multiple configurations.
  • Universal connections allow retrofit to almost all available flammable and safety cabinets
    on the market.
  • Meets or Exceeds OSHA, ANSI, and other International Standards.
  • Vent-Box VB60. Shown on optional wall mount.



  1. Filtration: Available with Multiplex filtration technology, a unique configuration that includes a pre-filter and main carbon filter. HEPA/ULPA filtration is also available.
  2. Hose: Each unit is provided with a PVC or metal  flex hose with smooth inner surfaces to minimize pressure drop and friction loss. The vent hose is connected to the cabinet via a threaded 2″ diameter (50.8 mm) metal bung adapter. The discharge end accommodates a 1.5″ diameter (38.1 mm) metal or PVC hose.
  3. No-Tools Filter Access: The filter is easy to replace, no tools required. Simply open the easy access lid and change the filters.
  4. Multiple Connection Configurations: The Vent-Box comes equipped with four possible intake connections, allowing you to easily configure the unit to meet your space requirements.
  5. Exhaust Port: Slotted exhaust port allows for an optional bolt-on ducting collar that allows connection to existing in-house ductwork.
  6. Leveling Feet: Equipped with adjustable leveling feet that ensure solid placement on
    a variety of surfaces.
  7. Control Panel: Electronic controls and displays include switches for the blower and a low airflow